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Fifth Edition

Patternmaking for Fashion Design

Helen Jospeh-Armstrong

Do's for newbies:

For those of you who are completely new to pattern making, READ THE FIRST CHAPTER. Although this book is just one part of developing pattern making skills, the first chapter gets you acquainted with your necessary tools, methods to measuring, understanding grain lines and seams on a dress form. Essential information constantly used in developing a pattern. 


  • As a designer and someone who joined the fashion industry in their late twenties, this book with a few flaws has been a constant tool I use and refer to quite often. 

  • This is the hard cover version in its fifth edition and provides great information on getting started and understanding pattern drafting.

  • The chapters are well organized and easy to sort through using the table of contents. The font is a comfortable reading size. The illustrated diagrams come with bullet points that instruct what to do as you go step by step.

  • When you've fully grasped how traditional pattern making is done you can move onto Computer Aided Design (CAD) pattern making. Just know that there is a huge cost for equipment and software involved. This is usually something you see in larger businesses with mass production or at a fashion design school. An extra feature that comes with this book is a DVD with BASIC step by step instructions on CAD pattern making.


  • Although I've taken very good care of my book, the pages are somewhat delicate, like your traditional school text books. Not a great idea for a ring bound book with so many pages (which makes me glad it has a hard cover).

  • Compared to the previous versions this edition is missing a valuable section, essential to beginners and professionals, that covers fitting issues and correcting patterns. Like any skill problem solving it is always good to have a reference to begin addressing any situation, even in pattern making. 


Overall I'd recommend this book, whether you're a beginner just starting out or a professional looking to replace or update your current pattern making book and a great addition to your fashion library. I've had this book for about five years

and it has served me well. As an additional resource I highly recommend using video tutorials to guide

you through the beginning, as you can learn only so much from reading a book. As the wise designer, 

Zoe Hong always says, "There's learning in the doing."



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