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, he’s ready to start with this, and so is this purchase, with his little sister from how long ago, come on. R: Alright, please to do the homework as I had also made a training course, and I knew he could follow the course in the best way. I don’t know if there was any kind of problem with him, but he was doing homework with perfect time and you could see that he was following it completely. He knew exactly what I was talking about. And in this period, he had to work on this type of training again, in order to get ready for his grade 2 exams, and so on. And I do know he did not have any problem with this. I don’t have any formal training in psychology, but I used to look at my children and I felt a great sensation, that I was able to help them in a way. And I think I could, and I hope that it helps them at this stage, but I don’t know how much is the case. P: I’d be interested to hear about your experience with him in those areas. R: So we’re talking about home-work, I didn’t have to force him, he did not need to force himself, it was quite spontaneously, but his teacher asked him to do so, and I couldn’t control his teacher. I do not know how long she wanted him to do homework, I do not know how much he had to do. I had to ask from her and she asked me and I did ask him because I don’t know how much homework was asked of him, it depends on his teacher’s instructions. But it was quite spontaneous, he just followed me and he could do all the homework that his teacher wanted him to do. He did not have any problems with this. P: Did he have a particular favourite area that you’d like to mention? R: Yes, he did. It depends on the subject, because sometimes he had lessons in language and then he could not do anything. He couldn’t help with language or math, he was too bad at math, but he was good at language. So I would say he was good in literature and science. But I know that he has some homework that he can do on his own, for instance on his own homework for his grade 2 exams, but I don



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