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Supporting Other Artists & Small Businesses
Artists & Small Businesses Coming Soon!

Are you an artist or small business entrepreneur?

Want to be featured on this page? Being featured here will allow you 2 months of run time. If you would like to be featured again, just re-submit and you will be featured in turn, in the order it was received. My mission is to allow those who'd like some light time and are just starting out and giving everyone a chance in turn. 

Here's all you need to do. Submit the information below to :

1)    2 - 3 paragraphs, describing you and your business/art/products/services.

2)    3 images = 1 of you and 2 of your business, product, art, services.

3)    Links to your website and links to the business, product, art, services that you will use as your images.

4)    Link to ONE social media platform of your choice.

5)    Link to ONE method of being contacted.

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