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About the Business

Since starting The Dressmaker LLC in 2018, I’ve been working hard getting to know the communities around me. It is very important for my business to reflect the nostalgia of being the town's go to tailor and dressmaker. Professional with a touch of that old friendly town charm.

Produced in Kensington San Diego, California, a great deal of thought goes into carrying out as many “reenvisioned” opportunities as possible.


No collections. No middle man. No sending things outside the U.S. to be made. I take care of it all - from design and pattern drafting to construction and sewing. Specializing in ready to wear and made to order for women, men, and children. 


The clothing and textile industry are one of the leading contributors in global waste. I’ve taken great consideration in the production of every garment and how they are packaged, from garment production to packaging and tags.


Together we'll “create, reenvision, and repeat”.

Here it’s not just about dresses… it’s a manner OF dress.

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